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Nigeria Issues Arrest Warrants for Top Pfizer Officials After Drug Experiments Conducted on Children.
Youtube video listing top nigerian movies.
ABUJA: Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered an overhaul of the sports sector after the country's failure to win a medal at the Olympics.

Nigeria is battling an Islamist insurgency in its largely Muslim north and faces growing theft of its oil by armed gangs in the southeastern Niger Delta region.
West African differentials moved
sideways on Friday, with traders waiting for the first offers on
Angolan crude oil for October to emerge.
The American men's basketball team has faced criticism for Thursday night's 156-73 blowout victory over Nigeria at the London Olympics. At the arena, NPR editor Vickie Walton-James spoke to Nigerian fans, to learn what they thought about being on the wrong end of a record score..
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